Tiger Cam

Dear Tiger Friends,

Please enjoy seeing our tigers in their home at Ellen Trout Zoo. Tigers are solitary animals in the wild and we only put one tiger on exhibit at a time. These photos will help you know which tiger you are seeing on the camera. Tigers go on exhibit about 9:00am each morning and then are brought in for their evening meal at 5:00pm. During times of dangerous weather, i.e., a severe thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane, the tigers will be locked inside their night house for their safety and the safety of our visitors.
Ellen Trout Zoo wishes to say a big “THANK YOU” to Dunbar PACE first grade teachers Ann Goff, Kellye Marshall, and Connie Shriver for guiding five years of first grade students to the accomplishment of the purchase of this tiger cam. We look forward to sharing our tigers with everyone who is interested in these magnificent endangered cats.

Click here to view the Tiger Cam